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Buceo en Lanzarote, kayak, padle surf y snorkel kayak


Would you like to take a leisurely outing on the sea? Kayaking is your best option! We have kayaks available for rent, there are single kayaks and family kayaks (for 2 people).

You can go for a relaxing kayak trip along the coast or for the more adventurous you can hike all morning to the Papagayo beach!

All rentals include: lifejacket, lycra shirt and paddle.

Buceo en Lanzarote, kayak, padle surf y snorkel paddle surf

Paddle Surf

If you fancy a quieter excursion than kayaking we offer you the possibility of renting a paddle surf board, you can explore the coast and the beaches of Playa Blanca sailing along the sea on a board.

Our team will be able to show you the best areas to navigate safely through the most crystalline waters so that you can enjoy the day to the fullest.

All rentals include: lifejacket, lycra shirt and paddle.

Buceo en Lanzarote, kayak, padle surf y snorkel snorkel


Snorkelling is the best option to see the wonderful marine life in the Canary Islands if you don’t dare to dive. You can’t imagine how much life you can see just a few metres from the beach, from fish of all colours passing you by to the possibility of seeing a manta ray or even a shark!

Don’t miss this opportunity and come and try Snorkelling with us!

All rentals include: goggles, fins and a lycra t-shirt.

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Why to practice scuba diving at Playa Blanca Lanzarote?

  • Uniquely situated off the coast, our location offers easy access from the shore to multiple dive sites in Playa Blanca.
  • Our entire team of guides is made up of qualified and certified professionals with many years of experience as local guides.
  • You will receive all explanations and information in your native language for optimal understanding.
  • We offer free transport to and from your hotel in Playa Blanca for more comfortable diving.
  • Enjoy daily dives in the underwater Atlantic Museum.
  • Beach and boat dives are available.
  • Our dive centre is equipped with all the necessary facilities, including toilets, showers and changing rooms.
  • Immerse yourself safely in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

What are the main dive places in Playa Blanca?

Flamingo Beach: offers a unique and exciting experience for divers of all levels. This stunning underwater location, situated in the warm waters of the Atlantic, gives divers the opportunity to explore rich marine biodiversity and a variety of underwater rock formations.

Divers are greeted by colourful and vibrant marine life, including schools of grunts, octopus, and occasionally manta rays and sharks. The calm, crystal clear waters of Flamingo Beach offer excellent visibility, allowing divers to fully enjoy the stunning underwater scenery and observe the fascinating marine life that inhabits this area up close.

With its easy access from the shore and tranquil atmosphere, a dive at Flamingo Beach is ideal for both beginners and more experienced divers who wish to enjoy a relaxed and rewarding underwater exploration. In addition, Flamingo’s beach location provides an excellent opportunity to practice diving skills and training, making it a popular destination for diving courses and certifications.

In short, a dive in this area of Playa Blanca offers an unforgettable experience in a spectacular marine environment, perfect for divers of all levels looking to explore the wonders of the Atlantic Ocean in Lanzarote.

Flamingo Beach: best point dive in Lanzarote

The Atlantic Museum: is a unique and fascinating underwater attraction located off the coast of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. This underwater museum was created by renowned artist Jason deCaires Taylor and has become one of the most popular dive destinations in the world.

What makes the Atlantic Museum so special is that it features a collection of underwater sculptures created by Taylor, which are installed on the seabed. These sculptures depict various scenes and characters, and are designed to interact with the marine environment, encouraging the growth of marine life and providing a habitat for aquatic organisms.

The Atlantic Museum is not only an attraction for divers, but also for art and marine conservation enthusiasts. The underwater sculptures are not only impressive from an artistic point of view, but also serve an environmental purpose by serving as artificial reefs, encouraging coral growth and providing shelter for various marine species.

Punta Berrugo y Las Coloradas: es un sitio popular para el buceo en Playa Blanca, ubicado en la costa sur de la isla. This dive area is known for its clear waters and rich marine life, making it a popular destination for divers of all levels.

The Playa Blanca boat dives we do at Punta Berrugo offer divers the opportunity to explore fascinating underwater rock formations, coral reefs and a variety of marine life. Divers can expect to encounter a wide variety of species, octopus, rays, moray eels and occasionally even sea turtles.

An outstanding feature of Punta Berrugo is its interesting underwater topography, which includes rocky walls, caves and narrow passages that offer exciting opportunities for exploration. Visibility in this area is usually excellent, allowing divers to fully enjoy the stunning underwater scenery and observe the marine life that inhabits this area up close.

The dive at Punta Berrugo is suitable for divers of all levels, although some previous experience is recommended due to the currents that may be present in the area. Divers can enjoy an exciting and memorable experience at this location, exploring the various aspects of Lanzarote’s underwater world and immersing themselves in the natural beauty of the Atlantic Ocean.

Scuba Diving at Coloradas in Playa Blanca

Do we diving at other places of Lanzarote besides Playa Blanca?

Sure! As well as offering dives in the beautiful Lanzarote diving area of Playa Blanca, we also have the ability to explore other fascinating dive areas, such as Puerto del Carmen or other areas.

We can also do tailor-made dives both in Playa Blanca and anywhere in Lanzarote for larger groups as our experience and resources allow us to organise exciting underwater expeditions in various locations, guaranteeing a unique and personalised diving experience for the group, memorable for all participants.

Come and discover the underwater world that diving in Lanzarote has to offer!