Try dive (Discover Scuba Diver)

Try dive in Lanzarote: like a fish under water

Curious about what it feels like to breathe underwater? Would you like to dive into the depths of the ocean and explore its underwater wonders? If you are eager to experience the thrill of scuba diving, but are not yet ready to commit to a full certification course, our Dive Baptism in Lanzarote is the perfect option for you!

At our dive school, we offer the unique opportunity to experience diving first hand through our Discover Scuba Diving programme. We do this activity in the crystal clear waters of Playa Blanca and guarantee you an unforgettable diving experience that will leave you in awe.

Although Discover Scuba Diving is not a scuba certification course, it will provide you with a quick and easy introduction to the beauty and excitement of exploring the underwater world. Our highly qualified instructors will guide you through the whole process, making sure you feel safe and comfortable at all times.

Don’t wait any longer to discover the incredible sensation of floating in weightlessness and explore marine life in its natural habitat. With affordable rates and special group prices, there is no better time to immerse yourself in the wonders of the underwater world of Lanzarote’s volcanic seabed.

Join us by trying scuba diving with a Try Dive in Lanzarote and start your exciting underwater journey today.

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Double DSD: don’t be left with the urge

Double DSD: don’t be left with the urge

We offer you the possibility to do a double experience, where you will be able to experience going deeper, and acquire skills that will make you feel much more comfortable underwater. You will learn the basic safety guidelines and skills necessary to dive under the direct supervision of a PADI Professional.

If you do an open water dive, you will practice some more shallow water skills to prepare for your adventure. But why settle for a single dive when you can experience twice as much fun? With our Double Diving Baptism, you will be immersed in an even more rewarding experience.

On the first dive, we will teach you how to use scuba diving equipment and how to breathe underwater, giving you a solid foundation for exploring the underwater world. Then, in the second try dive, you will dive deeper into the waters of Lanzarote, where you will begin to truly enjoy the experience.

As you become more familiar with scuba diving equipment, you will be able to relax and immerse yourself in observing the amazing marine life that inhabits our waters. By doing the double dive, you will not only have the opportunity to explore the deep sea, but you will also acquire additional skills that will allow you to feel more comfortable and confident in your underwater adventure. You will learn basic safety guidelines and essential diving skills, all under the direct supervision of a PADI certified professional and local Lanzarote guide.

In addition, as part of our Double Dive Baptism in Lanzarote, we will give you photos or videos of your experience, so you can relive those magical moments over and over again. There is no better way to capture your underwater memories and share them with your friends and family.

Simple / Double

70€ 110€

*Special group rates